Andrew Flintoff posted his mobile number on Twitter and then had to change phone his number to due alarming number of calls.

‘Not got your number, phone me,’ he wrote, adding his full 11-digit number at the end.

The result? A never-ending stream of phonecalls from excited fans checking to see if it was genuine.

Unfortunately for dopey Fred, it was – and, realising his mistake, deleted the message and followed it with a series of requests for help in turning off his answer machine service.


Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff has said that the Australian spinners are in complete disarray. In a dire assessment of his one-time foes, Flintoff said the Australian cricket side was in “disarray” and would not recover unless Warne reprised his match-winning ability to haunt England.

Warne, 41, played the last of his 145 Tests almost four years ago against England, but Flintoff – ironically Warne’s final victim – was adamant the spin great could reinvigorate the ailing Aussies.

“I’d love to see Warnie play again, it would be unbelievable,” Flintoff said.

“He’ll talk it up but if he doesn’t think he can come in and perform as he did before he stopped playing Test cricket, I don’t think he’ll put himself out there to do it.

“But I hope he does. Warne’s aura would bring something to the side, he’d make a difference in the dressing room.


Andrew Flintoff today said that England would beat the Australians in the ashes series. Flintoff played memorable roles in England’s victories of 2005 and 2009, but was also the captain for a miserable 5-0 defeat in Australia four years ago.

He is talking a confident game this round however, saying: ‘Looking at the two teams, I reckon we’ll beat them. ‘It’s going to be interesting watching it but I think we’ll just edge it.’

Andrew Flintoff has also backed Kevin Pietersen to make a big contribution despite a disappointing year with the bat for his country.

‘Kevin’s taken a bit of stick recently because of his form but he’s too good not to score runs.”