Ali Proves Naysayers Wrong

Moeen Ali has proved all those people wrong who were saying that he is just a part time spinner and he would not be able to create that much of an impact on the Indian batsmen in the 5-match test series that has finished just recently.
The Worcestershire man got a total of 19 wickets in the series and played a big part in England’s strong revival. People might say that he got most of his wickets because of the batsmen trying to be ultra aggressive against him and that would not be a completely wrong remark, but, despite that, nobody can take the credit away from Moeen. He bowled quicker through the air and made sure that the batsmen did not get enough time to get right to the pitch of the deliveries to play the lofted shots.
Moeen dismissed a few Indian batsmen on defence as well. He troubled Cheteshwar Pujara, who is normally a very good player of spin bowling, quite a bit in the series.
Moeen made Pujara edge to the slips at Southampton by deceiving him with a straighter one and then, he got the Indian no. 3 out leg before wicket with his stock delivery i.e. the off spin in the second innings at Old Trafford.
Moeen was interviewed by an Indian television presenter at the end of the 5th test match at Oval and he said in that interview that his intention was just to keep things tight from his end.
In the words of Moeen, “I didn’t want them to hit me for fours and sixes and that’s why, I tried to bowl a little quicker. Thankfully, it paid off and I got some wickets.”
Moeen might be a little worried about his batting though as he was the only specialist batsman from the England side who did not get a half century in the series.