Andrew Flintoff Pays Visit To Colwyn Bay School

The cricket legend Andrew Flintoff recently visited Colwyn Bay School with regards to high profile contest which involves his family member. Flintoff popularly known as the best players produced by England paid a visit to the new field site of Rydal Penrhos last month. He was in the class between Lancashire U11s and Wales and his son who would turn out of the county side to follow the footsteps of his legendary father. The bowling attack of Lans did prove the difference between both the sides after a competitive fixture. It enables them to come out of the clash with an 8 week triumph.

It is the 2nd time Flintoff paid a visit to Rydal Penrhos to present the match-call to Suhas Shekar. Last year, he achieved 4 wickets in maximum deliveries against the Oswestry School. The man known as Freddie wrote a recommendation letter to the school for Year-7 students and sports scholar Arran Sen in the assessment process before the enrollment could take place. The Welsh side did host Yorkshire on Sunday at the same place as part of the tour. However, the White Rose squad showed unmatched performance in the field so as to achieve victory.

Allen Boyd, the director of Sport said that they were delighted to host the Welsh Cricket side again for 2 fixtures during the North Wales and North West tour. And having Freddie Flintoff, who is the iconic figure to watch the action is indeed very specially the director said. Flintoff is one of the best cricketers who always knew how to tackle his opponents. The incident which took place in 2002 is known to all when he removed his T-shirt on the cricket field as they won against India in Mumbai. Well, these are some of the reasons that prove that he is the true legend of Cricket.

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