Cricketing world is of the view that Australia

Almost the entire Cricketing world is of the view that Australia would be able to break the jinx of losing three consecutive Ashes series on English soil this time around, but, Andrew Flintoff doesn’t think so.

As per Flintoff, the series will end up with the result of 2-1 in England’s favour.

Flintoff, who was one of the Ashes heroes for England in the last decade, reckons there isn’t much to choose from the current squads of England and Australia. England might actually be a little stronger if the conditions are taken into account.

In a television programme last Friday, Flintoff said, “I can see everybody is sort of dismissing England at this point of time, but, we have seen in the past, whenever that has been the case, England have come up good and have just shut people up. I believe it would happen again.”

“In the series against the Black Caps, it was really heartening to see the guys play the way they did and I would be really happy if they continue to be that ruthless in the Ashes.”

“The Aussies are not unbeatable; let me tell you that, not much fear factor in there. If I take the conditions and the pitches in consideration, I would say England is a little more balanced in comparison to them.”

“I know they would be carrying the confidence of the 5-0 whitewash. They would be slightly arrogant as well, but, honestly speaking, I don’t see them winning the series. If I have to make a prediction, I would say the series would be a close one, but, England would clinch it two games to one.”

The first game of the Ashes 2015 will start from the 8th of this month in Cardiff.