England will be playing a One Day International match against Ireland

England will be playing a One Day International match against Ireland this summer under the captaincy of James Taylor.

Most of the England limited-over regulars would not be available for that game.

Some are on the West Indies tour with the test squad, while, some are busy playing in the Indian Premier League.
However, giving Taylor the captaincy has raised some eyebrows.

The Nottinghamshire batsman is considered a misfit for limited over games by some of the experts because of his inability to play hard hits and he was believed to be going to fall out of favour post his ordinary World Cup display.

But, it looks like the English selectors are again looking to take the conventional route as always. They want that little bit of solidity in the middle order.

That’s been England’s problem actually. The Cricket has changed these days, but, they are not ready to accept the fact.

The modern day Cricket demands creativity, audacity and power.

Yes, there is always a little bit of room for class in the game, but, you can’t think of building your team around 4 or 5 defensive batsmen as far as 50-over format is concerned.

England, though, has been pretty reluctant to go with the unorthodox players.

Somebody like Jason Roy, who has been doing well in the domestic circuit for the last two years, was given just a game against India last year and he was out.

These aggressive players would obviously fail once or twice, but, you have to stick to them as they would win you matches too.

The other teams are doing that, but, not England. They are still willing to rely on the Taylors and the Bells and that’s not going to help them.

The sooner they realize that the One Day International Cricket is not the same any more, the better.