Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff has returned to live in the UK, after two years living the dream in Dubai. Whilst he enjoyed the sunshine and swimming pool, Dubai just wasn’t what he called home, and he has now returned to live in Surrey.

Flintoff headed out to Dubai just over two years ago, as a chance to enjoy himself having retired fully from all forms of cricket. But it’s not taken too long for him to start pining for the mud, rain and cold of England.

“Dubai was great for a while. We were there for a couple of years and lived all over in rented places in Jumeriah Beach, on the Palm. As if a lad from Preston was living on the Palm with my own swimming pool! It wasn’t bad.” said Freddie.

“It was sunny all the time but I really missed England and everything I wanted to do was here.

“Although moving to Surrey is an adjustment in itself. I’m trying to get used to it, but I’ve always lived up North or in cities, so it’s just as strange for me to be living in the country now.

“My wife is from that area so she wanted to move back round there. And it is great for the kids growing up in the countryside.