Andrew Flintoff has criticized the cricket controlling body in England i.e. ECB for bulldozing Kevin Pietersen into an early international retirement.

The former English all rounder reckons that one man can’t be responsible for everything that went wrong with the Three Lions on the Ashes tour. There would have been other reasons as well.

Flintoff is also not happy with the senior England guys. According to him, they should have acknowledged the fact that the Ashes whitewash was a result of everybody not playing up to his potential.

There are many other former England players who are of the same view as Flintoff. They also reckon that Pietersen is not the only reason why England suffered that sort of humiliation down under.

It’s also quite surprising for Flintoff that nobody is talking about the bowlers’ inability to take wickets regularly in Australia.

During the Ashes series, the English fast bowlers let the Kangaroos get off to a quick start more often than not and it’s that which pushed England back.

Jimmy Anderson, England’s main weapon, as far as the fast bowling is concerned was ineffective in almost every game and the same can be said for their leading spinner Graeme Swann who actually announced his retirement after the third test of the series and left the tour in between.
So, what Flintoff is saying is actually quite right. The English bowlers were as much responsible for that

whitewash as the batsman, but, there is just one man whom ECB decided to blame for everything and that’s one of England’s all time greats i.e. KP.

However, Pietersen can be very proud of what he achieved in his international career. He retired as England’s highest run getter in international cricket and that’s quite an achievement.