Born on 6th December 1977, in Preston, Lancashire, England Andrew Flintoff has been an integral part of the England team and has given a commendable performance during his captaincy.

He has been rated as one of the top players who have had an all round performance in the game for both Test cricket as well as one day Internationals. He is nicknamed Freddie who comes from Fred Flintstones, the famous cartoon character with whom he shares his surname.

Andrew Flintoff started off his cricketing career in the year 1996-1997 when he captained the under 19 England cricket team for the test match against Pakistan. His debut match was actually in the year 1998 when he played against South Africa in the year 1998, a match remembered because of a duel between Michael Atherton and Allan Donald.

Although his initial games were not that interesting and skillful he managed to improve his consistency and finally stepped up as a player recognizable from the international standards point of view. He continued his excellent performance even in the year 2003 when he played against West Indies. However due to an unforeseen injury, Andrew Flintoff suffered a loss in further matches in that year but managed to make it to the England squad which played at the Nat West One day International in the year 2004.

The year 2006 proved to be fruitful to him as he was selected to captain the England cricket team in the Test match against India. This decision was made spontaneously due to the unavailability of the existing captain Michael Vaughan.

His performance as a captain was excellent and marvelous and this helped him in becoming the vice captain after Michael Vaughan returned back to captaincy in the year 2007. Despite his injuries and other drawbacks, he managed to make a strong come back and has done a number of challenging experiments to make sure that he has made a name for himself in the cricketing world.