Gambling on Cricket

If you’re an avid fan of the cricket then you’ll no doubt have a favourite team, players that you keep an eye on and scores and statistics that you know off by heart. In countries where cricket has become a way of life there are scores of teams playing weekly matches, with leagues and trophies being won by some of the highest earning sports stars in the world. Cricket, to some, is a serious business.

For the fanatical supporter, betting on the outcome of a match is just as much a part of the game as wickets and willow bats. There’s nothing that makes the outcome more exciting than having a little bit of money riding on the result. For thousands of people up and down the country it’s such an integral part of the game that when the off season rolls around there is a slump. Knowing the game enough to place bets requires a lot of knowledge and for some, there is only one game they want to know about.

Luckily the off season needn’t be so off any more with the release of the latest slot machine game ‘Umpire strikes back’ at This game takes the fun and excitement of the cricket game and delivers it to your computer screen allowing you to take home a big jackpot win without leaving your chair. The season may be over, but the winning doesn’t have to be.

Just like any other slot machine, it’s easy to pick up the rules in just a few rounds. It’s not like taking up an entirely different sport to get behind when the cricket season dies down. The game is the same it’s just a different way to play.
Just search for Umpire Strikes Back in your web browser and get started today.