Joe Root Losing Wicket Consistently between 50 and 100

Joe Root is cross with himself to have been losing his wicket between 50 and 100 more often than not.

The other batsmen of this era who are being tipped to be future legends are all frequent century scorers, but, Root, although he is as consistent as anyone else and averages as high as anyone else as well or even higher, has struggled to record three figures too many times.

Half centuries are a regular for him, almost every second or third innings, but, at the end of the day, there is no bigger criteria to rate a test match player than the hundreds’ tally.

Yes, the consistency is always acknowledged and people understand the importance of the average too, but, nothing as important as hundreds in the 5-day game.
Root reckons he would perhaps be letting himself switch off when he is in and feels that the proceedings are under his control. And, because of that loss in composure while being in the comfort zone, he would look to be disdainful to even the good balls which are always around the corner in international Cricket.

According to Root, that has to do only with focus and he would definitely not call it complacency. And, more than worrying him or anything, it’s sort of irritating him. He would be happy to take the walk to the hut if the bowler had the better of him with his skill, but, to hand it to the bowler himself is definitely irksome.

Root was out caught at short extra cover in Durham the other day on a short ball which made quite an ugly viewing and again it was his audaciousness to back him to play a whip off a ball of that height.

The 25-year old, at this moment in time, has 17 tons in total for England, 9 in red ball matches.